TeamData Lab–Remote Connection

To connect to our remote server, you’ll need a Remote Desktop Client.  In Windows 10, you’ll want to run one of these clients:



You may need to install or enable this feature. If you have the desktop version of Remote Desktop, you’ll see the icon on the left. If you have the Modern app, you’ll see the tile on the right. 

Contact me if you need instructions for enabling or installing one of these.  Remote desktop is available in the Windows 10 app store.  For Windows 8: 

Running the Desktop version of Remote Desktop


Enter the computer (server name) you were provided in the name field.  Then enter the User Name and password you were provided.  When you enter the user name, remember to delete any domain name in front of the user name.  Enter only the user name in that field.  You will be prompted to provide the password.

RDP Connection Login


You will likely be prompted to accept the self-issued certificate warning:


Once you have accepted this warning (Yes), a Remote Desktop Session in our test server will be opened.

Desktop Session

You can follow the rest of instructions for your Lab, then disconnect from the server and close your Remote Desktop Client.

Remote Desktop App

If you are running the Remote Desktop app from the app store, the steps are the same, just prettier:


Enter the server name in the bottom field.

Remote Desktop App Connection screen

Enter the user name and password provided to you.

Remote Desktop Connection Credentials

You may be prompted to accept our self-issued certificate.


Choose Connect Anyway. This will open a Remote Desktop session. Follow the rest of the instructions in your lab, then close your session.

Remote Desktop session

Don’t forget to email us your item when you have completed your Lab and follow any additional instructions on your lab sheet.

Contact me if you have any issues at all.

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