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How is Your NIEM Mojo Doing? Best of NIEM Awards

Apr 5, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog  //  No Comments

The National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) is a set of information exchange data models for federal, state, and local governments and their partners.  It started with a group of local and state organizations wanting to share data and needing to set standards to make that happen.  Since then it has expanded to other agencies and organizations and will be used internationally very soon.

I attended the NIEM National Training event and am helping with the upcoming event this fall.  More on that in a future post.

The Best of NIEM Awards program is calling for applications.  If your organization has implemented NIEM to make the world a better place for all of us, get your submission ready before 7 June 2011.

A grassroots initiative, NIEM was born as a best practice developed by a handful of state and local practitioners. Today, we have adoption across all 50 states and are on the verge of international adoption. The broad community of federal, state and local practitioners have great NIEM success stories and we want to make sure they are properly recognized.

Do you know of a team or organization that represents the Best of NIEM? If so, be sure to read the guidelines and submit by June 7th!

Honoree Benefits include:
– Bragging rights and recognition.
– Exposure on the special awards page on
– Receive an award in front of your peers at the NIEM 2011 National Training Event on August 23–25 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Award criteria, eligibility, nomination form, and other important details can be found at:

Previous Best of NIEM awards winners are:

USCIS Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) Program

The United States Citizen and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the government agency that oversees lawful immigration to the United States.

HHS-Connect, Information Architecture and Development

CONNECT is a consortium of five states that have agreed to pool their collective expertise to make interstate information sharing a reality.

Disaster Assistance Improvement Program (DAIP) Program Management Office

The Disaster Assistance Improvement Program (DAIP) exists to ease the burden of victims by creating a single access point for more than 40 federally funded forms of assistance (FOA). DAIP will consolidate benefit information, application intake, and status information into a unified system.

Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System

The Colorado Integrated Criminal Justice Information System (CICJIS) is an integrated computer information system that links five state-level criminal justice agencies—law enforcement, prosecution, courts, adult corrections, and juvenile corrections—to create one virtual criminal justice information system.

Emergency Operation Center—Interconnectivity (EOC-i)

Paragon Technology Group is a fast-growing 8(a), woman-owned, small, disadvantaged business (WOSB, SDB) company headquartered in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia. Paragon has been recognized as a top 8a firm in Virginia, a top small business in the United States, and one of the 50 fastest-growing companies in the Washington, DC, area.

Read more about these award-winning programs at

I’m Speaking: DAMA PDX – 24 Feb – Industry Standard Data Models + Career Success

Feb 24, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  1 Comment
Don Valley Golf Course

Image by Karen Lopez via Flickr

I’m going to be doing TWO presentations at DAMA Portland (OR) on Thursday, 24 February.  I so very much love visiting Portland and the members of this DAMA group are great for engaging and inspiring conversations during the presentations.

The topics I’m covering:

Career Success in Data Management during Turbulent Times

A workshop on issues and ideas that today’s data architects and modelers can do to build their careers and networking skills with other data management professionals.

Workshop topics will include:
• Demonstrating your expertise
• Building a portfolio of your success stories
• Getting others to sell your skills and business value
• Building & extending your data management skill set
• 10 Steps to highlighting you and your work

Bring your thoughts, ideas, and experiences.

This presentation talks about how to get others to help sell your skills, how networking (talking to people, not passing out business cards) can help you advance your project and your skills, and how to having a portfolio of great career data can help you demonstrate your professional abilities.

Starting with More than a Blank Page: Modeling with an Industry Standard Data Model

Have you ever considered using pre-existing pattern models to jump start your data modeling projects?  Have you considered purchasing proprietary models? Did you know that there are hundreds of models available to you for free or for minimal cost?

Many industry trade associations publish industry standard data models (ISDMs).  These models focus on the core and supporting business functions associated with retailing, health care, criminal justice and other industry sectors.  They may be provided free to the public or for just the cost of joining a trade association.

In this presentation, Karen discusses some of the benefits and gotchas of working with acquired models – industry standard models, patterns, and other universal model concepts.   This session includes topics such as:

  • The costs, benefits, and risks of working with industry standard data models
  • The benefits of using industry standards in your package acquisition projects
  • Choosing the right process
  • Myths in working with pattern models
  • 10 Tips for successfully working with third party models
  • What you should know before committing to project plans and estimates
  • Lessons Learned
  • Resources

Find out what other organizations are doing with industry standard data models — how vendors and industry organizations are partnering to set standards that your organization will want to leverage for better meet the business needs of your solutions.

I’ve added some more live examples of industry standard data models (ARTS and NIEM) to this presentation to help demonstrate typical data models that are prepared for industry-specific examples.

I hope you can join me in Portland.


Free for members!
$15 for non-members.
See the list of corporate members.


at DAMA-PDX website by noon Friday, February 22, 2011

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