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Data Governance in an Agile SCRUM Lean MVP World – Webinar

Mar 24, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  1 Comment

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My March Dataversity webinar will focus on one of the most challenging aspects of data governance and data modeling in 2016 — working on agile and other modern development method projects while maintaining data stewardship, data quality and data protection as project teams are sprinting by….with or without you.

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Joining me this month will be the wonderful Tamera Clark ( @tameraclark | blog ), SQL Server Data professional and chronic volunteer, just like me.

Most of us learned data modeling via a waterfall-driven methodology lens. Yet Agile and other modern development methods have for the most part assumed that data governance is an anti-pattern to just getting things (software) done. Well look at questions such as:

  • Are Agile and Data Governance Enemies?
  • How can we get stuff done AND get systems delivered?
  • And what do we do about existing systems delivered without data governance attention?

We’ll also look at how data modeling fits in the answers to these questions.

Register.  Just do it.

If you join us live during the webinar, you have the opportunity to engage with all the other attendees, share your stories, ask your questions and be part of the discussion.  If you can’t attend the live event, you can still register to get the slide deck and links to the recording when they are available.

You can join a bit early to listen in to the pre-show and stay a bit later when I do off-the-record Q&A.  Just between the few of us.


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