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Think Days, not Years

Dec 31, 2014   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Careers, Data Modeling, Professional Development  //  No Comments

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In my presentations on how to make data models (and data modelers) more valuable, I talk about spending 15 minutes during your day, every day, doing something to improve the quality of the models.  Refining definitions (or adding missing ones), laying out a diagram so that it’s more clear, enhancing a diagram so that it’s better at communicating, etc.

The small things add up to big things when they are done every day.  If you put them off until you “have time”, they re never going to happen.

This 15-minutes a day works wonders for you, personally, too.  Imagine that if you had done something every day, for the last year, what you’d have now, 365 days later.  Learning a new word, doing some yoga, walking, watching a how-to video, writing to someone to thank them for something they did for you or for someone else…the possibilities are endless.

New Year’s resolutions are a great way for setting goals. But life happens right now.  Deliver on your resolutions one day at a time. Your data model will love it.  And so will you.

Join me at DAMA Seattle on 9 Oct 2012 – Be Happier…

Sep 11, 2012   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Data, Data Modeling, Events, Speaking  //  1 Comment


I’ll be returning to the DAMA Puget Sound (Seattle) group to give an advanced data modeling presentation on how to add more value and be more valued while you data model.   This is a great group and I hope you can join us.

Advanced Data Modeling: Be Happier, Be More Valued and Add More Value

In this presentation, Karen will discuss the current state of data modeling and data architecture efforts and where we need to be in the current development and database environment to continue to provide value.  Topics will include:

· If the modeler isn’t happy, the data isn’t happy

· Data Modeling in an Agile / SCRUM / modern development projects

· Big Data and other euphemisms

· NoSQL, not-only SQL non-relational, post-relational or whatever you want to call them

· Tools: Where are we, where do we need to be

· Being physical doesn’t mean you have to get dirty

· 10 Steps to happiness, being valuable and providing value

This presentation will be highly interactive, highly relevant and mostly irreverent.  As usual.

Karen Lopez
Sr. Project Manager & Architect, InfoAdvisors
Karen Lopez is a Senior Project Manager and Architect for InfoAdvisors. A frequent speaker at conferences and local user groups, she has 20+ years of experience in project and data management on large, multi-project programs. Karen is a chronic volunteer, a SQL Server MVP, and an active advocate for WIT and Data Quality. 
Karen’s presentations are known for their lively and interactive approach to learning. Her motto: I want you to Love Your Data!

This is an evening event and there is a fee to register.  See the DAMA PS website for more information on registering.

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