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#SQLRun #SQLPASS Want to Run a Half Marathon with Other SQL Runners?

Apr 19, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Fun, Social Networking  //  7 Comments

IMG_0146Erin Stellato (twitter | blog) and I were talking about Jes Borland’s (twitter | blog) recent half marathon race (Go Jes Go!, Go Jes Go!).  Erin was looking for a half marathon to run some time around the PASS Summit.  We found the Portland Marathon and Half Marathon on 9 October 2011.  Portland is about a 3.5 hour drive from Seattle, but also just a $50 train ride, so not really that expensive to get from Portland to Seattle.  You could run the event and get to Seattle the evening of the 9th.  And just to entice you some more, there is a SQL Saturday planned for Portland on 8 October.  So in one weekend you could cram in:

  • SQLSaturday Portland
  • SQLRun Portland Half Marathon
  • SQLTrain to SQLPASS

That’s a whole lot of SQLfun all packed in before SQLPASS has even started.

This marathon and the half marathon are known for being a very friendly event, and on race day the course is open for 8 HOURS.  For a half marathon (13.1 miles) that’s a 36 minute a mile pace.  A leisurely walk is usually 18-20 minutes per mile.  With 8 hours to complete this marathon, nearly anyone can join the event.  In fact, you could run a bit, do some shopping, have lunch, take a nap and finish the race with time left over.  Did I tell you it is a friendly race?


The Portland Marathon is celebrating it’s 40th anniversary, so spots are tough to get.  In fact, the half marathon has sold out for the regular price.  However, there are other options for running the half:

  • Pay a $250 entry fee and get a tax receipt for $125 in return.
  • Commit to raising donations for one of the official charities and either have a reduced entry fee or the entire entry fee waived (see below)
  • Run the full marathon and pay the regular entry fee.

The key is that if you want to be part of this event, you’ll need to get entered soon.  The charity entry method is the most complicated so I’ve contacted all the charities and have heard back from some of them. 

If you are interested, leave a comment below with how you are registered and which event you plan on participating in.

Confirmed Registrations (people who have paid up or committed to fund raise for this event):


Ray of Hope Foundation

Do you still have charity entries available?  Yes, we still have plenty of entries left at this time.

What is the fundraising minimum for your charity?  We ask each runner to raise an amount of $750. In exchange each runner receives several benefits which are detailed on the attached information flyer. We also have a limited amount of entries available for "sale" at a price of $350. The buyer will have no further obligation to raise funds and will receive a Ray of Hope tee shirt. Part of the $350 will be tax deductible and buyer will receive a tax receipt.

Do you have an information page I could point people to so that they could choose to participate via your charity? I have attached the information sheet. If they want more information on our charity, please visit our website at

Is there a date for which the fundraising is to be completed? Fundraising must be completed in full by September 28, 2011. An initial amount of $250 must be raised by no later than August 25. The entry code will be held by Ray of Hope until the first stage of $250 is raised, at which time the free entry code will be released to fundraiser.

How should people contact you to get set up? The best way to contact me is through email at, or my cell (503) 998-4789. I can email the contract and we can do everything by phone and email.

Anything else I’d need to know to get people registered and starting to raise funds. We would LOVE to have all of you on the Ray of Hope team!  We had a blast last year with runners coming from all over the country, and we expect to have an awesome team again this year!! This is a wonderful cause and because we are a small non profit based in Portland, our administrative costs are quite low and your fundraising dollars go directly to our programs in Kenya, Africa.


American Cancer Society

Thank you for your interest in becoming a 2011 American Cancer Society DetermiNation charity athlete for the Portland Marathon/Half Marathon! Our American Cancer Society DetermiNation program provides our athletes with a meaningful experience to help fight back against this terrible disease.

We do have reserved half marathon entries for our program. In order to receive one, participants must commit to fundraising $1,000 due by 9/23/2011. We also have Marathon entries which require a $1,200 commitment. Upon registration, a fundraising commitment form will be completed online.

To register as a DetermiNation Charity Athlete or learn more about our program, please go to: Upon registration, you will receive a customizable charity athlete fundraising web page, and your charity athlete welcome packet and racing jersey will be mailed to you.

Please visit the ‘Info for Athletes’ page of our DetermiNation website for more program details, including our program benefits and fundraising requirements.


Komen For the Cure

Thanks for your interest in registering for the Portland Half Marathon through Susan G. Komen for the Cure/Marathon for the Cure program.  We do still have half and full marathon entries, and we would love to have you and your friends participate!  Here is a link to an info page that you can send along to anyone who might be interested:

The registration fee for a marathon or half marathon entry to the Portland Marathon is $100.  In addition, you will need to commit to fundraise a minimum of $1,000. This number is set to keep our program costs low and to ensure your donations are utilized to maximize our investment in breast cancer research, screening, education and treatment.  You will have up to 30 days AFTER the event day to continue fundraising, and once you register, each participant will have access to an online fundraising page that can be personalized.  I’m also available as a resource to assist with fundraising ideas.

You can register on the Marathon for the Cure site via the following link:

Click here to register

Once your registration is completed, we will take care of your registration with the Portland Marathon/Half Marathon through the back end with our charity entries. 

Program benefits for registered Komen Marathon for the Cure participants at the Portland Marathon and Half Marathon:

  – A welcome New Balance t-shirt
  – A fundraising page that you can customize to email your friends & family for support
  – Fundraising tools and tips
  – An exclusive Komen Marathon for the Cure New Balance tech-tee shirt to wear race day (sent out when you reach your fundraising minimum)
  – Prizes for your fundraising efforts
  – The fact of knowing you are raising funds to help save lives and end breast cancer forever!!

Please let me know if you have any questions, and thanks for considering participating in Komen’s Marathon for the Cure program! 


Children’s Tumor Foundation

Thank you for your interest in running the 2011 Portland Marathon and Half Marathon with our NF Endurance Team, fundraising team of the Children’s Tumor Foundation.  We are thrilled you would like to join us.  I know you will find us friendly and inviting.  You will find your experience with our team a rewarding one, helping the millions of people affected by neurofibromatosis (NF).

We do still have charity slots available.  There is a minimum fundraising requirement for this opportunity.  We require a minimum fundraising commitment of $600 for a half marathon slot, and $1000 for a full marathon slot.  We have a limited number of slots for each event.  I will attach a commitment form if you are interested.  The fundraising must be completed on or before September 9, 2011.

Our Foundation has a website where you can find information about neurofibromatosis and the Foundation as a whole.  We also have the website that gives you an overview of our endurance team.

Once you have registered with us (for free) at, a fundraising webpage will be created.  It makes fundraising as easy as an email to friends, family, and coworkers.  We can even provide you with information about one of our NF Heroes to feature on your fundraising webpage.  We have the amazing Bob Skold in our Colorado office who is fantastic at helping our runners with their fundraising webpage.  His email is   


The other charities have not yet gotten back to me. I will update here when I have more information from them.

Rob and I will be running the half.  I’ve only ever run a half once, so I’m not going to have a target time set.  I will be in the "finish upright and smiling" mode.

I’m looking at perhaps renting a house to for the weekend to keep the cost down or even arranging to places for people to stay locally.  Stay tuned for that information, too.

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