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7 Databases in 70 Minutes

Mar 10, 2015   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Database, Database Design, DLBlog, NoSQL, Speaking  //  No Comments

Lara Rubbelke (@sqlgal ) and I recently presented 7 Databases in 70 Minutes, a sort of homage to the book 7 Databases in 7 Weeks.  The event was SQLBits, a UK-based SQL Server event.  We first gave this talk at the PASS Summit last year.

We don’t talk about the same databases as the book, but the concepts are the same.  We cover relational, column family, graph, key value, Hadoop, and document database technologies, focusing mostly on the reasons why you would want to consider these and what a typical create and query statement might look like.

And then we end with 7 reasons why you should start exploring them.

It’s a blast talking about so many things in such a short time frame and it’s fun watching light bulbs go off as people realize these aren’t just silly open source projects, but real, enterprise class solutions for common enterprise processes.

Check out our slide deck.

Have you been looking at non-relational technologies to tell your data stories, too?

Was I Too Snarky? A Big Data NoSQL Roast

May 7, 2012   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Data, Data Modeling, Fun, Professional Development, Snark, Speaking  //  2 Comments


At Enterprise Data World last week I had a chance to defend my crown at the Lightning Talk sessions.  Lightning Talks are 5 minute presentations, usually done to highlight one point or to motivate people to go do something.

Most of my lightning talks, though, are rants on some thing.  Think a 5-minute long roast.  This year, I picked on Big Data and NoSQL names and terms.  While it appears that one person didn’t fully grasp the "roast" part of this rant, I think I did okay. At least most of the laughter wasn’t at me, but with me.

Mark Burnelli, Senior New Editor at wrote an article about my rant:

The humorous verbal shellacking of big data — which generated plenty of audience laughs — came at the hands of Karen Lopez, a senior project manager and principal consultant with InfoAdvisors Inc. Lopez is also proprietor of the popular Datachick Twitter feed and often uses that outlet to post admittedly snarky comments about the world of information management.

Datachick gives ‘big data’ a verbal beat down at Enterprise Data World

I did start my presentation by saying:

By the way, every single one of these rants is totally unfair, cherry picked and irreverent.  I know. It’s shocking.

I will be blogging the entire rant over on and will post here when it goes live.


I should also mention, to those of you snickering, that I am currently drafting a similar rant for the RDBMS technology/naming/terminology set.  It will also be full of snark.  Shocking, I know.

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