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Word Analysis – Wordle Your Text

Aug 12, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog  //  2 Comments

Maybe we’ve been writing too much about problems and solutions lately?  Is it me, or does this Wordle focus on negativity?  Perhaps problem solving tips are the best thing we can share. What do you think?

A wordle is a graphic generated from text where the size of the word is based on how frequently we have used that word in a post.  I used our RSS feed for the blog to generate the wordle, so only recent posts will show up in this graphic.

One of the ways we measure whether we are writing the right stuff is how many comments we get on the blog post itself.  So if you read our posts and agree, disagree, have another thought or just want to encourage continued postings, please do leave a comment.  Yes, you can include a link to your blog.  Yes, you can use your Gravatar to post.  I know that some bloggers don’t like comments/links/gravatars, but I think they they are crazy. Smile


Wordle of our blog

Why Don’t My Blog Comments Have My Picture/Avatar?

Jan 11, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Social Networking  //  9 Comments


If you comment on blogs, you might have noticed that your comment is missing a picture or avatar next to your comment, but other comments have them.  You might see a blank next to some and a “placeholder” picture next to others, as shown in the snippet from our blog. 

An avatar is a usually a cartoon/drawing/character that isn’t realistic but embodies who you are…or who you think you are.  It can also be a photograph that clearly shows your face or a portion of your face.  You often see these user images on forums, blogs and social networks.

I’d bet that if your avatar isn’t showing up on comments, you are wondering why your comments look so…anonymous…or plain.  The reason that Rob and my avatars are there is because we are commenting through our blogging accounts, but the reason that other commenters’ pictures are there is because they registered with a third party service called Gravatar.  Gravatar stands for Globally Recognized Avatar. You can create an account there, upload a picture or avatar and provide your e-mail address.  Then when you leave comments on blogs that have special plugins or services to use Gravatar, your picture will show up next to your comments.  It works when you provide the same e-mail address on the blog comment that you did when you registered for Gravatar.  In other words, your e-mail address is the key used between the blog and the service to find your picture. 

The most common blogging and forum platforms will automatically show your Gravatar when you provide the right e-mail address (which usually is not shown).

But why would you want your picture to show up on someone’s blog comments?   I find that when people use a common picture or avatar across all the blogs, social networks, and web forums they build a better relationship with those communities.  I know I find comments more “real” when I recognize the commenter.  You could think of your avatar as part of your professional brand.

There may be situations where you don’t want your picture to show up in a comment.  In that case, you could consider giving a different e-mail address when you leave your comment.  It might also help if you associated your professional picture with your professional e-mail address and your personal one with your personal e-mail address.

Gravatar has also introduced expanded profiles and “hovercards” that can display even more information about you if you’d like to share more. That’s an opt-in expansion of the regular avatar feature.  It’s up to you as to how much information you want to share.

I do recommend that you go set up a Gravatar account.  I believe your having a global graphic identifier (okay, almost unique identifier) will help you build relationships via social networks and blogs.

A Globally Recognized Avatar

Your Gravatar is an image that follows you from site to site appearing beside your name when you do things like comment or post on a blog. Avatars help identify your posts on blogs and web forums, so why not on any site?

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