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Happy 20th Birthday, ER/1…ER/Studio

Mar 29, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Data Modeling, Fun, News  //  1 Comment


imageI was preparing for my webinar tomorrow for Idera when I decided to look up how long ER/Studio Data Architect has been around.  I was happy to see that the press release for ER/1 (what it was called before they got in a bit of a trademark issue with ERwin* folks) that it was released on 15 March 2006.

I started using ER/1 not too long after that.


Some Interesting ER/Studio Trivia

  • ER/1 listed for $1399 a seat, but there was a special deal for a few months to get it for $899.
  • It could handle “hundreds of entities”
  • It did not feature bi-directional updating of Logical to Physical
  • It did not yet feature on diagram editing
  • You can still download the Documentation for ER/1 1.0
  • it supported:
    • Oracle 7
    • Sybase 11 and 10
    • Microsoft SQL Server 6
    • Informix
    • DB2
    • SQL Anywhere
    • Watcom
    • SQL Base
  • “ER/1 can x-ray your databases and extract their structure” < Love this.
  • It followed IDEF1X methodology adopted as part of the Federal Information Processing Standards
  • Submodelling (Subject areas diagramming) was not supported yet.
  • There was  a separate product ER/1 for Borland Interbase

Press Release


March 15, 1996

Embarcadero Technologies Ships ER/1 Data Modeling Tool

San Francisco, CA, March 15, 1996, Embarcadero Technologies today announced the general availability of ER/1, a new visual, entity-relationship modeling tool. ER/1 supports all major SQL database platforms, including Oracle7, Sybase 11 and 10, Microsoft SQL Server 6, Informix, DB2, SQL Anywhere, Watcom and SQL Base.

ER/1 delivers a slew of features that promote high-quality, functionally correct data models as well as unparalleled power, ease-of use and value. Its highly customizable design allows you to create visually appealing diagrams with such tools as dockable toolbars, diagram zooming, and print scaling. Powerful inheritance logic is built into ER/1 providing referential integrity throughout your data model. In addition, ER/1 provides you with the following major features to facilitate the creation of both logical and physical designs:

Accurate and Quick Reverse Engineering

ER/1 x-rays your databases and extracts their structure into entity-relationship diagrams capturing the complete definition of your tables, including constraints, primary keys, foreign keys, indexes, table and column comments and all table dependencies.

Automatic Database Builds

ER/1 uses an ODBC connection to create a physical implementation of the logical database design you created in ER/1. This one-step process involves the creation of tables, indexes, triggers, stored procedures, views, defaults, rules and user datatypes and properly orders the creation of these objects to eliminate dependency errors.

Data Dictionary

This feature promotes code-reuse by providing a central repository to store rules, defaults, and user-defined datatypes. Once you establish a business rule as a Data Dictionary object, it is re-usable throughout your diagram. In addition, the Data Dictionary supports global updates of

these objects. Just make the change once in the dictionary and ER/1 automatically propagates these changes throughout your diagram.

Comprehensive Reports

ER/1 offers the most comprehensive reporting of any data modeling tool. It completely documents both your logical and physical designs and generates professionally formatted and structured reports at the summary or detail level.

Code Generation for Team Development

ER/1 can write SQL source code files ready for version control and team development. To facilitate team programming, you can generate separate source code files.


ER/1 for Windows 95 and Windows NT is priced at $1399 per user. Through April 30, 1996, Embarcadero Technologies is offering a special introductory price of only $899 per user.

About Embarcadero Technologies, Inc.:

Embarcadero Technologies is a software products company specializing in tools to design, create, administer, query, program and monitor Oracle, Sybase, Microsoft, and Informix databases. Embarcadero offers a suite of products marketed to corporate customers and database professionals worldwide and has rapidly become the leading provider of database administration tools for Sybase and Microsoft SQL Server. Embarcadero’s software has been recognized for excellence with outstanding independent product reviews conducted by PC Week, DBMS, Microsoft BackOffice Magazine and Databased Advisor.

Data Modeling Tools are Experienced

One of the reasons why some people find data modeling tools overwhelming is that they’ve been around for more than 20 years.  That’s a long time for these tools to get more customized, more feature-rich, more complex.

I should give a shout out to Greg Keller, who was the product manager during the time I started using ER/Studio.

So happy birthday, Embarcadero…I mean…Idera…ER/1….ER/Studio.  I’m going to have a cupcake in your honor! Maybe twenty.

*Say “ER One”  Then say “ER WIN”.  Yeah, almost a SOUNDEX trademark issue.

Idera to Buy Embarcadero Technologies–Update

Sep 18, 2015   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Breaking News, Data Modeling, DLBlog  //  No Comments


This news arrived today:

Jefferies is also leading a US$425m covenant-lite credit to back Idera’s acquisition of Embarcadero Technologies. Idera is backed by TA Associates. The deal, which launches on Thursday, includes a US$25m revolving credit, a US$300m first-lien term loan and a US$100m second-lien term loan.

So last year we had Embarcadero attempting to purchase ERwin from CA, now today we have Idera, makers of SQL Server focused database-related solutions, moving towards buying Embarcadero.

The Embarcadero-buying-ERwin deal fell through, in part, due to regulatory concerns over market consolidation of the database/data modeling tool business.  I’m wondering how regulators will feel about this consolidation of tools.

I’ve worked with both vendors in the past.  Both are based in Austin, Tx.  Standing by to see what happens next.

UPDATE:  I’m now seeing official communications about the sale, with a very aggressive closing date.  This is in contrast to the prolonged, ultimately failed acquisition attempt by Embarcadero for CA’s ERwin Data Modeler product.

Thoma Bravo, a leading private equity investment firm, today announces the sale of Embarcadero Technologies, a leading provider of software solutions for application and database development, to Idera, Inc., an application and server management software provider. The exit represents the culmination of a long and successful partnership between Thoma Bravo and Embarcadero Technologies. The deal is expected to close in mid-October, subject to normal closing conditions and approvals.

Join Me & Panel of Data Modeling Experts on BI and Data Governance – 16 Nov – Noon EST

Nov 10, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Data, Data Modeling, Speaking  //  No Comments

Expert Roundtable: Data Modeling. Using ER/Studio and Models to Aligh with Governance and BI Initiatives

I’m moderating a panel on BI, Data Governance and Data Modeling using Embarcadero ER/Studio on 16 November 2011, at noon EST.

Panelists include

  • Kevin Phelps – Data Architect, American Century Investments, Inc., 
  • Chris Bradley, Business Consulting Director, Information Processing Limited
  • Jason Tiret – Director of Modeling and Architecture Solutions, Embarcadero Technologies

In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Increase visibility and buy-in with business users
  • Ensure smooth compliance with changing data privacy regulations
  • Enable data stewards to meet requirements strategically

What makes this even more interesting is that audience members, like you, will have a chance to submit questions beforehand and during the event.

Details of the event:
Wednesday, November 16, 2011
9 a.m. Pacific, noon Eastern and 5 p.m. in the UK



When you register you’ll be asked to submit your questions.  Please do so.  We love having questions from YOU!

I’m deeming the hashtag for this event to be #DMExperts  I will try to take Tweeted questions, too. 

Speaking: DAMA Day Nebraska (Omaha) 3 November – Data Modeling Contentious Issues

Oct 24, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Data, Speaking  //  No Comments

Contentious Issues Post Its


The final stop on my DAMA speaking tour is DAMA Nebraska for their DAMA Day. 

Data Modeling Contentious Issues
A highly interactive and popular session where attendees evaluate the options and best practices of common and advanced data modeling issues, such as:

  • Party/party role
  • Natural vs. surrogate keys
  • Class Models vs. Data Models
  • SOAs, Ontologies, ESBs, New TLAs and Shoe Strings
  • What is Logical? What is Physical? Why Do We Care?
  • Politics vs. Customer Satisfaction

Participants in this session will be presented with an issue along with a range of responses or possible solutions. Participants will vote on their preferred response, then the group as a whole will discuss the results, along with the merits of each possible response. If the specific issue has been discussed in other presentations, a summary of the responses of the other groups will be presented. The goal of this workshop is to help practitioners identify potential points of conflict in data modeling, as well as alternative approaches to resolving the issues.

This DAMA Day is sponsored by Embarcadero and they will be making a presentation as well.  Registration is requested.

7 Mistakes Webinar Follow Up

Jan 27, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Data Modeling, Speaking  //  3 Comments

imageFirst, I’d like to thank all of you who registered for my Enterprise Data Modeling: 7 Mistakes you Can’t Afford to Make. This was an incredibly successful event, with:

  • 723 Registrants
  • 313 Attendees
  • 90+% attendees who had the webinar "active"

That last stat, a guess at the average I saw as I was presenting, is a feature of GoToWebinar that measures at any point in time how many attendees have the meeting "in focus" on their screen.  I am also guilty of multi-tasking while attending webinars — checking my e-mail, chatting, conversing on Twitter, etc. — so I do understand that unlike an in-person presentation I can’t expect everyone to be completely focused on the slides during the whole hour.  I do think that this average means that people were actively engaged in what was happening for nearly all of the presentation.  I’m very happy with the registration and attendee numbers.  I think these are the highest I’ve ever attained for an online event.  I’m honoured that so many of you were able to make time in your busy schedules to spend with me.  Thank you.

One of the questions I got was about data modeling books I recommend.  These are the ones I mentioned:

  • The Data Model Resource Book, Volumes I, II, and III – Wiley – Len Silverston and others – ISBN 0471380237, 0471353485, 0470178450
  • Data Modeling Essentials, 3rd Edition – Morgan Kaufmann – Graeme Simsion and Graham Witt – ISBN 0126445516


Some of the questions I received via GoToWebinar:

Q: Any thoughts on the common pit falls in reverse engineering databases

Q: Is it possible for Karen to identify the pros/cons between Erwin and ER/Studio?

Q: I’ve heard other presentations which point out business users are intimidated or put off by "modeling". Do you have suggestions for making the topic accessible and valuable?

Q: What are the 7 mistakes?

Q: Can you advise if you have any tips on Industry Models to Launch your enterprise modelling with ER Studio? Does ER Studio Partner with any industry model suppliers?

Q: just a confirmation: when a non-Data architect/modeler (like a Business User) is given access to the model, the access is purely a read only, right?

Q: The reality with which I’m faced is that legacy databases use different terminology for the same entities. For example, in one table the entity may be called "deal" and in another table the same entity may be called "product" Does ER Studio provide a way to link both of these to a single entity in the logical model?

Q: What level of detail do you recommend that we display to the end users?

Q: If an organization is starting out or looking to start out with enterprise data architecture, where would you recommend that they start? Any books?

Q: Currently I create data models for specific application databases but I have noticed E/R Studio having sample models comprising of source and target systems. What is the recommend practice?

Q: In ER Studio, is the diagram considered to be a ‘report’ of what is in the model, or is the diagram the model itself?

imageThose were all great questions.  You can view the recording to see how I tackled them.  Also, I added 18 MORE mistakes to the end of the presentation as a bonus. 

We used the hashtag #7Mistakes on Twitter.  It’s harder for me to respond to questions on Twitter while I’m presenting, but I did respond during the webinar to a couple of them.  Again, listen to the recording to see what I said.

In the next few days you should be receiving the companion whitepaper that Embarcadero sponsored.  I hope you find it thought provoking.  I’d love to continue the conversation about these topics, even the "Wait, there’s More!" bullet points that I teased you with at the end of the presentation.

Perhaps we could discuss this during one of my upcoming Office Hours.

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