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How To Have Fun In Seattle Without Even Attending SQLPASS

Nov 18, 2010   //   by Rob Drysdale   //   Blog, Fun, Professional Development, Travel  //  4 Comments

Seattle Public Market

As I posted previously, I went to Seattle last week with Karen for the PASS Summit (SQLPASS).  While I didn’t attend PASS, I thought it would be a great time to relax, see Seattle and catch up with a number of people that we know.  Little did I know that we would be on-the-go the entire time so I didn’t have time to relax.  Aside from the sessions at PASS there were so many "after-hour" events around it that we didn’t have a lot of free time.  Looking back on it, we were busy every single night that we were there except for the Friday night that we arrived.

We did our normal thing of shopping and spending some time in Fry’s and I did get a chance to see some things in Seattle, but we spent a lot of time meeting up with people.  It was nice to catch up with old friends, meet people in person that we talk to via Twitter and meet others we hadn’t ever talked to before.  I have to say that the SQL community is a great bunch of people and we had a lot of fun.

Gas WorksWhile Karen can tell you all about the Summit and how much she enjoyed speaking at and attending it, I can say that Seattle is an amazing city with many things to see and do.  A few highlights for me were Pike’s Place Market, the Seattle Public Library, the Science Fiction Museum and Gas Works Park.  The transit system is easy to use and will get you around the city with ease.  In fact, the buses are free in the downtown core.  And we both loved the food in Seattle.  It is so vegan and veggie friendly that it’s hard not to get a decent meal there.

On the negative side, it rains A LOT in Seattle.  We did see the sun for a couple of days, but there were rainy days to put up with.  And I wish that the PASS Summit would set up some kind of program for spouses or guests of attendees.  We’ve attended a lot of other conferences and most of them have this type of program to allow travel partners to attend the social events and exhibits at the conference.  We know that the Summit did offer a pass for the exhibits only, but at $300 it’s price prohibitive for most.  For travel partners and spouses it would be better at $50 or $75.

MountainsAnd now that we’re back from Seattle we still haven’t had much time to relax.  We attended a SharePoint Saturday event the day after getting home and we’re attending a SQL Saturday event this weekend in NYC. Maybe I’ll get some time to relax in 2011.

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