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State of the Union for Data Modeling – 2016 Jan 28

Jan 28, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  No Comments

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Karen declared 2015 as the Year of Data. And with future outlooks, it’s still looking great for data in 2016. As we start the new year, let’s look at some of the trends and predictions coming from the data industry. We’ll include data modeling topics, but also look to the types of innovations in the data world that will influence our data architectures, jobs and tools.

Some have been around for a while but just now gaining traction and some are just now rolling out: Machine Learning, Internet of Things, New and NoSQL DBs, Data Wrangling, Data Virtualization and more.

The pre-show starts 30 minutes before the official event. Yes, that’s right…as you know, my webinars at Dataversity are interactive: you can chat with other attendees, ask questions and provide your own commentary during the event.  This isn’t just a broadcast, it’s about being community of data modelers and sharing our ideas. Even contentious ones, which makes for a good fit for our group here. Yes, you can always catch up via the recordings later, but the fun part of my webinars are the interaction, snark, real-life stories and connecting with others. Start your Year of Data off right and join in on Thursday.

You can also follow along on Twitter via the hashtag #HeartData

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