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Dell World 2016

Oct 18, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  No Comments

Dell World 2016 logo

I will be attending Dell World 2016 as an influencer/media/analyst participant.  This means that I’ll get access to the regular sessions, plus special engagements with product teams to see what they’ve been working on recently and what they want to do in the future.  I’ve attended a couple of Dell on-site events and am looking forward to talking to key customers and real-world, hands-on data professionals.  Also, doesn’t everyone want to visit Austin as much as possible?

If you will be attending Dell World, let me know.  I hope we can #selfie.  Or just have a real conversation.  Or we can get breakfast tacos.


The Tricky Part of Doing Tricky Things in your Data Model – SQL Saturday Phoenix

Apr 16, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  No Comments

SQL Sat PHX logo

We’ve mastered the basics of data modeling and data modeling patterns, but what happens when you or a teammate wants to use this one weird trick to improve on the data model and the resulting database design? Have you just discovered a brilliant new trick that no one else has ever thought of? Or will your new design cost you more, take on more risk and cause all kinds of pain for both IT and your business users?

We’ll look at a few tricks that we’ve seen in our database design review and show you how they work and talk about the trade offs for using them. You’ll learn about:

Building a database engine inside your database
Designing before understanding your business model
Dealing with data structures that don’t do well in RDBMSs
Optimizing the developer versus the data or the app
Using design patterns that don’t reflect modern architectures and tools
…and a lot more

State of the Union for Data Modeling – DAMA PHX

Apr 14, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  No Comments

DAMA PHX image

Hello DAMA Phoenix members! We are looking forward to an exciting 2016 for DAMA Phoenix, and are kicking off the year with a very dynamic speaker.

We are very happy to have Karen Lopez of InfoAdvisors present on Apr 14. Karen is a very well known and highly regarded practitioner in data management. Karen is an international speaker on various topics, including data modeling and process modeling, the Zachman framework, and information privacy.

Karen believes 2016 holds a great outlook for data management. At our 2016 meeting Karen’s topic is trends and predictions within the data management discipline and the data industry. Karen will discuss data modeling topics, and include data management innovations resulting from the introduction of disruptive technologies such as NoSQL and Hadoop. Attendees will understand the impact of these innovations on their daily work, plus understand how to prioritize their professional development for new challenges occurring in data management and data modeling.
We look forward to you joining us for this exciting session, presented by a very informative and engaging speaker.

Guests may attend their first meeting for free (Does NOT include DAMA Day!)

The Key to Keys – SQL Sat Huntington Beach

Apr 2, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  No Comments

SQL Saturday HB logo


So many of us have learned database design approaches from working with one database or data technology. We may have used only one data modeling or development tool. That means our vocabularies around identifiers and keys tend to be product specific. Do you know the difference between a unique index and a unique key? What about the difference between RI, FK and AK?

These concepts span data activities and it’s important that your team understand each other and where they, their tools and approaches need to support these features.

We’ll look at the generic and proprietary terms for these concepts, as well as where they fit in the database design process. We’ll also look at implementation options in SQL Server and other DBMSs.

10 ER/Studio Productivity Tips to Help You Love Your Data Models – Webinar

Mar 30, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  No Comments

Idera Geek Sync Duck with glasses

Maybe you’ve been using ER/Studio for years, maybe you’re just getting started. Maybe you don’t even know where to start. You might be a full time data architect or an accidental database designer – either way, you’ll want to know about the settings and features to make your Mondays more tolerable and your Fridays more fun.

In this session, Karen covers her 10 favorite tips and tricks for working with ER/Studio. We’ll look at how to configure ER/Studio to save time, reduce risks and to make your data modeler life less stressful. She will show you features that will make your models more loved and valued by your IT and business team members.

Finally, we’ll wrap up with recommendations for more resources for becoming more productive.

Data Governance in an Agile SCRUM Lean MVP World – Webinar

Mar 24, 2016   //   by Karen Lopez   //    //  1 Comment

HeartofDM-logo-350 (1)


My March Dataversity webinar will focus on one of the most challenging aspects of data governance and data modeling in 2016 — working on agile and other modern development method projects while maintaining data stewardship, data quality and data protection as project teams are sprinting by….with or without you.

Tami photo

Joining me this month will be the wonderful Tamera Clark ( @tameraclark | blog ), SQL Server Data professional and chronic volunteer, just like me.

Most of us learned data modeling via a waterfall-driven methodology lens. Yet Agile and other modern development methods have for the most part assumed that data governance is an anti-pattern to just getting things (software) done. Well look at questions such as:

  • Are Agile and Data Governance Enemies?
  • How can we get stuff done AND get systems delivered?
  • And what do we do about existing systems delivered without data governance attention?

We’ll also look at how data modeling fits in the answers to these questions.

Register.  Just do it.

If you join us live during the webinar, you have the opportunity to engage with all the other attendees, share your stories, ask your questions and be part of the discussion.  If you can’t attend the live event, you can still register to get the slide deck and links to the recording when they are available.

You can join a bit early to listen in to the pre-show and stay a bit later when I do off-the-record Q&A.  Just between the few of us.



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