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Word Analysis – Wordle Your Text

Aug 12, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog  //  2 Comments

Maybe we’ve been writing too much about problems and solutions lately?  Is it me, or does this Wordle focus on negativity?  Perhaps problem solving tips are the best thing we can share. What do you think?

A wordle is a graphic generated from text where the size of the word is based on how frequently we have used that word in a post.  I used our RSS feed for the blog to generate the wordle, so only recent posts will show up in this graphic.

One of the ways we measure whether we are writing the right stuff is how many comments we get on the blog post itself.  So if you read our posts and agree, disagree, have another thought or just want to encourage continued postings, please do leave a comment.  Yes, you can include a link to your blog.  Yes, you can use your Gravatar to post.  I know that some bloggers don’t like comments/links/gravatars, but I think they they are crazy. Smile


Wordle of our blog

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