I had so many more questions I wanted to talk about during my recent State of […]
My friend Joey D’Antoni ( @jdanton | blog ) and I will be giving a workshop […]
Data Field Day One logo
Last year I participated in the first Data Field Day in San Jose.  I’m honoured to […]
Tom and Karen, Snarky photo
It’s a new year and I’ve given Thomas LaRock (@@sqlrockstar | blog ) a few months […]
TECHunplugged logo
…and you should join me. On 2 February I’ll be speaking at TECHUnplugged Austin, Texas.  This […]
I recently wrote a whitepaper, sponsored by Neo4j, on how your master data (think cross-application data […]
Lara Rubbelke (@sqlgal ) and I recently presented 7 Databases in 70 Minutes, a sort of […]
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