Automation is essential slide. Lightbulb flowing into 2 paths, one for automated processes and another for Human processes.
Dave McCarthy of Bsquare, is starting our Data track today with a presentation on leveraging analytics […]
I’ll have to admit: the first time I heard the term and explanation behind “Eventual Consistency”, […]
DataModeling Question on a beer board menu
Karen Lopez discusses how to answer the question "Can you help us with our data model" and why answering is so challenging.
I wrote an eBook sponsored by SolarWinds. I share real life stories of non-traditional, non-hacker ways […]
Relational databases have this nifty concept of objects (just things, not code objects) being dependent upon […]
First, yes that’s a clickbait title. Apologies. But it confuses me that some folks are upset […]
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