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Karen López
Senior Project Manager and Architect

Karen is a senior project manager with an extensive background in development processes and information management. She specializes in taking practical approaches to systems development. She has helped many IT departments choose appropriate methods and standards, based on the department’s culture, experience, and focus.

If you’d like to know more details about her professional work, head over to her Detailed Stuff page.  It has more about data modeling, database, data architecture and project management activities.  She wants you to be part of TeamData.

Media spokesperson on diversity in information technology, unsolicited commercial e-mail, data privacy and IT professionalism topics.

Karen is a social media outreach professional for data topics and frequently uses the #TeamData hashtag and @teamdata Twitter account.

TeamData hashtag

Other Things Karen Does

In addition to working with clients solving complex data and data architecture issues, Karen keeps busy being a chronic volunteer and community outreach advocate.

2016 NASA Datanauts

NASA Datanaut banner logo and description

Karen is one of 50 global NASA Datanauts selected for this year’s cohort.


KarenLopez Neo4jevent karenlopez boston Karen WIT Panel. Photo by John Robel. Used with permission. BestDataModelerIsALazyDataModeler.jpg

Karen is a popular speaker on topics like data, databases, space, diversity and outreach.  She waives her speaker fee for most non-profit events.  She presents in 5 minute lighting talks and multi-full-day events.  She is known for here practical while humorous presentation style that focuses on audience interaction over lecturing.

Space Exploration Outreach & Press

download (1) Spacetweetup NASABudgetBriefing NASATweetup-2010-05-15-180

Karen is active in the space community, especially in social media outreach and press. Some of her work here is volunteer and some is paid, but all of it is about getting better public engagement in space activities. She works with space agencies and publishers to bring astronauts, engineers, tech experts, space fans and members of the public together to interact with each other, both online and in real face-to-face events.

She has covered two Association for Space Explorers (ASE) conferences and has been selected to cover the one coming up in Vienna.  ASE is the professional association of astronauts, cosmonauts and taikonauts.


Master Data Is a Graph White paper cover page White paper cover page

Karen hasn’t (yet) written a book on her own, but she has written forewords for many data-related works.  She has also served as a tech editor and a reviewer for books and training materials.   She has written many white papers.  Most are sponsored by vendors, but she does not take on writing assignments where editorial control is shared with the sponsor.  She has blogged at Dataversity, Idera, Solarwinds, Dell, and community sites. Of course, she blogs here at datamodel.com.

STEM Outreach & Press

CERNBeamPipe cernDatachick e9a21eb53433cea7c39a5843eb3f28ce CERNDc cern

In addition to doing outreach for space exploration, Karen is active in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math outreach community. She has covered hackathons, camps and international STEM competitions.  She has participated in the CERN Tweetup and CERN Open Days in Switzerland and France. She has covered many other social media events that involved bringing STEM experts and the public together.

Mascot Wrangler
 DataModelBarbieLlewellyn.jpg 2012-07-24-10.56.47.jpg image.png BarbieCNES pilotchris2d karenlego

One of the quirkier activities that Karen works on is traveling with and working with action figures and other props to increase engagement with the public.  Props open conversations with people in ways that most people don’t expect.


Speaker Idol sign

Karen has been active in both fun and more formal competitions as a judge. She has been a Microsoft Imagine Cup judge in the World Citizenship category, where participants build and present technical solutions to have a positive impact on global citizens.  She is a regular judge on the PASS Speaker Idol competition for new speakers and has served as a judge on international professional competitions.

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