Big Challenges in Data Modeling–Modeling for NoSQL, Schemaless & Unstructured Data 22 Aug

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Join me and three data experts in my Big Challenges in Data Modeling webinar on Thursday 22 Aug 11AM PDT/ 2PM EDT.  Since I’m attending the NowSQL Now! conference , our topic this week will be how data architects and modelers should be involved in requirements and modeling efforts on NoSQL, Schemaless, and Unstructured Data projects…or is there a role for them at all?

Some of the topics we hope to cover during the panel:

  • What is NoSQL?  If it’s Not Only SQL, where does SQL fit?
  • What sort of data modeling/data requirements should be completed on a NoSQL project?
  • How can we best leverage existing data models?
  • Where do schemas matter? Don’t they?
  • Do different NoSQL databases lead to different data cultures?
  • If the datastore is schemaless, when do data analysis (meaning, quality, security, privacy, financial sensitivity) requirements get consideration?
  • How much should an enterprise NoSQL team member understand about the traditional database development process?
  • Who wears the “data professional” hat on NoSQL projects?  Is there one?
  • How do hybrid solutions fit into all this?

Of course we won’t get to all those in the panel, but you can see from the list of candidate questions where we might focus.


Join me and these great NoSQL and SQL experts:

Dipti Borkar, Director of Product Management, Couchbase

  • Dipti Borkar is a Director of Product Management at Couchbase where she is responsible for the company¹s flagship product, Couchbase Server, and works with customers and users to understand emerging requirements for low-latency, scalable data stores. Dipti has deep technical experience in the database industry having worked at IBM as a software engineer and Development Manager for the DB2 server team and then at MarkLogic as a Senior Product Manager.

Alex Peake, Data Architect, Intuit

  • I am passionate about extracting value from data, and have been for over twenty years. In the early days it was with start-ups, several of them my own. I have also worked with larger companies like Iron Mountain, PayPal and Intuit. I have designed and implemented systems for managing data and analyzing it.
  • In the relational world have been OLTP systems, like Oracle and VoltDB, and for Data Warehouse systems, Teradata, Netezza and Vertica. In the non-relational world I have worked with the Hadoop ecosystem, NoSQL databases like Cassandra, HBase and MongoDB, and streaming solutions. In the analytical world, I have built systems for marketing segmentation, and used machine learning methodologies with tools like R and MatLab.

Hamiton Hayes, Sandhill Consultants

  • Hamilton Hayes is a Senior Consultant for Sandhill Consultants Ltd. Over time, Ham has led much of the evolution of the CA ERwin product suite and its supporting education courses. He has provided his extensive expertise in information, process and enterprise modeling to numerous major North American corporations and government agencies.
  • Ham has authored articles and delivered presentations to industry groups on enterprise modeling and its role in improving performance. The focus of his consulting and teaching has helped enterprises bridge the space between technical modeling and business success. He is also researcher in modeling, using the ERwin products to model non-linear social interactions.

Unlike many webinars, we provide many mechanisms for attendees to participate during the live event.  We have attendee-attendee chat, plus a formal Q&A section.  We also participate via Twitter using hastag #BCDModling

This webinar is free, but registration is required.  See you there!

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