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imageI’m not sure, but I think I’ve been attending the Enterprise Data World event (formerly the Wilshire Meta-Data/DAMA Symposium) since 1998 and speaking at most of them.  There’s a reason I keep going back: this is my annual "revival" for networking and collaborating with other data professionals.  I need that fix, every 12 months or so, to focus on sharing and caring about data modeling, database design and tools.

This year the event will be held in Atlanta, so at least we’ll be warmer than some years, right?  I remember a particularly freezing March in Boston.  I don’t want to repeat that, ever.

By the way, there is still time to register and I believe there is still a $100 discount available.  If you can’t find that, contact me and I’ll see what I can do for you <grin>.

My Events

This is a busy year for me at EDW.

Kick-off Panel: I’ll be part of the "Welcome Panel" moderated by Tony Shaw of Dataversity.  Jaime Fitzgerald, Peter Aiken, Sue Gueuns and I will be talking about our tips for getting the most out of the event, including our recommendations for the sessions we most want to attend.


Size Doesn’t Matter: I’ll be defending my Talk Champion crown sweatshirt at this year’s Lightning Talks.  All other speakers, be warned.  I talk FAST.  I’m also known for going for the cheap jokes that get votes.


ER/Studio Special Interest Group: I’ll be leading a user-to-user discussion of Embarcadero and their database and data modeling tools. We will have Embarcadero reps there to contribute, but this is still a user group meeting.  You don’t have to be a current customer to attend.

By the way, there are also SIGs for CA ERwin Data Modeler and Sybase PowerDesigner going on at other times. 


Finding Myself: A Case Study on Your Data Model, My Data and Me:  This is my regular session at the event, where I take a snarky look at how your systems mess with my data…and how I pay the price for that messiness.  I hope you’ll join me for this irreverent look at cost, benefit and risk choices that "they" make when "they" manage our data. 


Data Modeling Power Panel – Contemporary Issues in Modeling:  I’ll be participating in Alec Sharp‘s panel along with Michael Blaha and David Hay on forward-looking topics in data modeling and management.  My topic will focus on NoSQL, especially extensions to relational DBMSs.

John Zachman

This year marks the 30th year since John Zachman shared his Zachman Framework with the world. There will be a special event on Wednesday evening to recognize his contributions to enterprise architecture over the last three decades. 


Of course in addition to all the great sessions, there will be social events and time for catching up on what other data professionals have been up to since I saw them last year in Chicago.

For those of you who can’t make it, a bunch of us will be tweeting using the hashtag #EDW12.  You can follow along on Twitter, even if you aren’t signed up for it, by going to http://search.twitter.com and searching for "EDW12"

I hope to see you and get a chance to chat with you at this year’s EDW.  That’s why I go…the sessions are great, but the chance to share ideas, tips, tricks and data stories is what keeps me coming back.


  • How crazy is your schedule? I am only 4 hours away and would love to come visit.

    • Crazy. Sunday AM is the only time I’ll have free. A long way to come for brunch 🙂

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