DataChick’s Magic Math Formula for Estimating a Task

Feb 9, 2012   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Project Management, Snark  //  1 Comment
A basic estimating spreadsheet.

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Some people recommend you do fancy planning, figuring out all your tasks and estimating how long each will take, adding them all up, then adding a planning factor of 2-4 times that number to come up with a good estimate. Doug Lane (@thedouglane | blog ) even blogged about his experience in getting that estimation technique to work.

But if you really want to nail it (and look like a miracle worker), use Karen’s magic math formula:

1) ask your gut how long it really thinks it will take.
2) double that*
3) increase the unit of measure by one.

So applying this formula: If you gut says “2 hours”, double that to 4 hours…then increase the hours to days. This brings you to the more reliable figure of 4 days.

* if you have a particularly bad boss or project manager, you may need to increase the multiplier for more reliability.  Perhaps you could add up all the times in a 24 hour period you think of quitting and use that as your boss factor.

You will thank me one day.

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