Preview to Tuesday, 7 February Webinar on Tailoring Data Models

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Here’s a preview data model for my webinar on 7 February (yes, today!) at 1PM EST.  My topic is Help your Business Love its Data (Models): Tailoring Data Models for your Audience and it’s Part 2 of a three part serious on Getting Down to Business, sponsored by CA.



It’s free to register at

This is what I’ll be covering:

7 Feb 2012
1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m. EST

Duration 60 min.

There’s no one data model hiding in your modeling tool. There are actually thousands of them – not just multiple data model files, but different views and presentations of the same data model, each one ready to be used by different purposes and outcomes. In this session, Karen Lopez will discuss the steps in of preparing and presenting the “right” data model for the right audience, as well as making them accessible via the web. We will also cover the 10 tips for ensuring that your audience is happy they attended the data model presentation and looks forward to attending the next one.

As usual for my presentations, this will have a bit of snark and talk about good things to do in business data models an show some anti-patterns for modeling, too.  That’s probably where the snark will come it.  Can’t guarantee it, but it sounds about right.

Bring your ideas about tailoring the presentations  of data models or any type of design.  Oh, and if you have any action figures, bring those, too.

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