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Want to get your hands on SQL Server 2012 right now?  You can be up and running without needing a server or to install SQL Server locally.  Just visit SQL Server Virtual Labs (use IE)  and choose a lab to get started.  The labs run in a virtual machine, so these aren’t just slides and a demo.  This is real, hands-on working with the tools.  Here’s your chance to get up to speed on SQL Server before the other 99%. Smile.

You can get real experience with new SQL Server 2012 features such as:

  • AlwaysOn, SQL Server’s new High Availability feature.  I have to say this is fun to play with.  Pull the plug and watch SQL Server gracefully fail over.  Like nothing happened at all.  Monitor the status of all the AlwaysOn components.  Very cool stuff here.
  • Master Data Services, SQL Server’s new feature for managing reference and master data.
  • Data Quality Services, a new feature for helping you Love Your Data even more.
  • Sparklines and Data bars, new data visualization features.
  • Columnstore Indexes, SQL Server’s new feature to make queries just fly.
  • Spatial and Location Services for mashing your data up with location based services.




While you are running the VM set up, register for the SQL Server 2012 Launch events coming in March in the US.  I hope to make it to one or two of those.

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