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I’m a gadget girl.  I collect them like other people acquire coffee cups on their desk.  I also love my data.  So this list of gadgets and apps focuses on my loves of technology and data.  None of these is required, which is why they make great gifts.  No sane person would ever buy them for themselves.  This is also why I own all of them.

imageSports Agloves

Agloves  (what I call my “Twitter Gloves”) www.agloves.com  I love the fact that I don’t have to mess with uncovering fingertips or worry about what part of the glove works.  It all does.  I am currently using their Sports Agloves.  My test review of the regular gloves http://www.datamodel.com/index.php/tag/aglove/  I love that for travel I don’t have to worry about taking them off to use all the kiosks I have to use.

I blogged about my testing of the original Agloves here and here.

These say "I support your Twitter addiction and I’d like you to keep all your fingers, too."  What else could say "I love you" more than that?


Fitbit www.fitbit.com Nifty tiny device that tracks my every move, even my sleep.  As a data person, I love knowing how many steps I’ve taken every day, how many calories I’ve burned, how many I’ve eaten, how long and how well I’ve slept.  Being able to compare my data over time helps, too.  You can get this at Best Buy.

Withings Scale and Blood Pressure Monitor

Withings Scale www.withings.com Not only a digital scale that measures weight, body fat and BMR, but it sends that data via WiFi to my account. It can also Tweet that data, but I’m too chicken to do that.  Maybe later.  Probably not.  I’ve asked the engineers if they could just do the math and Tweet the weight difference…but they must be all males, because their response was "Why would anyone want that?".  We need more female engineers.

I should also point out, guys, that buying a bathroom scale for your loved one may or may not be the best idea.  It only works for real gadget freaks.  You have been warned.  Ladies, get your credit cards warmed up.  You are good to go.

Withings Blood Pressure Monitor www.withings.com  Don’t have this yet; it’s on my list.

I’ve seen these at ThinkGeek, Apple stores, and Best buy online.


Runmeter app www.runmeter.com  A GPS running app that provides audio feedback while I run – pace, distance, etc.  It even lets others’ talk to me via Twitter.  During a race or long run this sort of cheering is amazing.  It’s one of the reasons I keep on running longer distances.  This is a real #SQLFamily benefit – we aren’t just about databases.   Maybe we are database pros with a running habit? 

The easiest way to buy someone an app is to buy them an iTunes gift card.  Available everywhere, it seems, including on iTunes.

More Ideas

Some other things to grab for the data gadget lover in your life:

  • External battery for his or her phone, tablets, devices.
  • External Bluetooth keyboard
  • Extra nice stylus (not the ones with cheap foam rubber on the tip)
  • Tiny memory card / USB stick for keychain or badge lanyard
  • Cord/accessory organizer
  • Extra chargers (always appreciated)

You can also check out these gadget recommendations from fellow Boingo Superfans.  I have most of those things and I can vouch that they really do make a difference.

No need to spend big.  Just make a Twitter addicted gadget lovers’ lives a bit more reliable.  And save their fingers from frostbite. 


  • Agloves is the best. I own two pair of them and LOVE them. I even used them during my long run in 30 degrees. It kept my hand warm. Fitbit is on my santa’s list. Let see if he’s going to bring that to me this year. I’ve been VERY good 🙂
    Yanni Robel recently posted..Week 20 & 21: Illness and Longest RunMy Profile

  • Love the idea of gloves I can use with my touch screen. I hate having to take my gloves off to answer a call or check anything on my phone!

  • Karen, do you have one of these FitBits? It looks amazing and I think I could get one for my BF if you can vouch for it 🙂

  • Got my wife the Aglove Sport’s for her birthday (10 days ago) and she’s been loving them! Works great with the iPad, phone, whatever. Thanks for the recommendation Karen (via twitter)!

  • Very nice list.

    I would add the Wingstand that goes very well with the bluetooth keyboard

    Luke Jian recently posted..Weekly links for 11-21-2011My Profile

  • Thanks Karen! I am adding the Fitbit to my Christmas wish list!

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