PASS Members: Take 2 Minutes to Vote and Do it Right Now

Dec 9, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Need Your Help  //  No Comments

SNAGHTML5ed5790This isn’t a normal plea to get you to vote.  This is a plea to have you show that you care about all the things that PASS does actually are worth doing.

Sure, you might think you do not know the candidates well enough to choose.  Sure, you might think your vote doesn’t count.  Or that it doesn’t matter.  But you’d be wrong about all that.

  • There are plenty of resources to find out more about the candidates and they are collected in one place. There are bios, statements and a forum.  If you need to find out more, you can do it there.
  • Your vote does count.  Nuff said.
  • Your vote does matter.  It matters to the candidates who have already spent a great deal of time to submit applications, to be interviewed and to go through the voting process.  I’m not running in this election, but I know how tough it is to put myself forward for an election like this.  It’s worse that reading speaker evaluations.  It’s worse than a TSA grope.  It’s worse than flying.  It’s much worse than spending 2 minutes voting. 

The least we can do as beneficiaries of all the great things that volunteers do, both Board members and minions, is to take the time to vote.  Not only do you get to pick three people to represent you on the Board, you get to show PASS  that what they do actually matters.

I participate in many volunteer-driven organizations.  It’s sad when only 1% of members can take the time to vote.  We should have thousands of people voting.  Voting closes 20 December, but there’s no reason at all to wait.

2 minutes.  Show them it matters. Go do it now.

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