I’m Speaking at #SQLSat104 Colorado Springs 7 January 2012

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I’ll be leading a discussion on Database Design Contentious Issues on 7 January in Colorado Springs.  This event is FREE, and there’s a $10 charge if you’d like to have lunch.  A full day of learning and networking all provided due to the support of vendors in the SQL Server community.  How awesome is that?

Database Design Contentious Issues

A highly interactive and popular session where attendees evaluate the options and best practices of common and advanced design issues, such as: * Natural vs. Surrogate keys * Classwords and other Naming Standards * Varchar Minimums *Identity Crisis * Who Calls the Shots and Who Does What? …and others. Bring your votes, your debates, and your opinions.

Session Level: Intermediate

This session is part debate, part therapy and part rant.  It’s my most popular presentation and I’d love to see you there.   This presentation also involves physical activity and hands on stuff.  A perfect afternoon slot for this, too.

Women in Technology

I’m also participating in the Women in Technology table at lunch with Meredith Ryan-Smith (Web | Twitter), Rebecca Mitchell (Web | Twitter) and Thomas LaRock (Web | Twitter).

More Fun Than Should be Legal

There’s a whole lot of great stuff packed into this SQLSaturday. Did you know that there will be professional resume writers there to take a look at your resume and give you feedback?  Or that there will be laser tag, bowling and miniature golf? There’s even a #SQLSki event planned.

On the Friday before, there are even 3 pre-cons scheduled:

1. “Scaling SQL Server” (Glenn Berry) 
2. “Data Warehouse Dimensional Design and Architecture Planning” (Erik Veerman)
3. “What’s In Your Utility Belt?” (Chris Shaw and TJay Belt)

These cost only $100 — a great deal for a day of training.

The Schedule

Track Starts Session Title Speaker
BI 8:30 AM Introduction to Data Warehousing Marc Beacom
BI 8:30 AM Kama Sutra of SSIS: A guide to loving ETL Bill Fellows
BI 9:30 AM *GASP* Real-time user defined sets in SSAS Josh Fennessy
BI 9:30 AM Dimenional Modeling 101 Thomas LeBlanc
BI 11:00 AM ETL as MDM Michael Sexton
BI 11:00 AM Using Columnstore Indexes in SQL Server 2012 Carlos Bossy
BI 1:30 PM SQL Report Builder for Business Intelligence David Eichner
BI 1:30 PM Predictive Analytics – You Can, Too! Troy Ketsdever
BI 2:30 PM Reporting DBs behind Virtual IP’s John Halunen
BI 2:30 PM Devs are from Mars, Report Servers are from Venus Doug Lane
BI 4:00 PM Eating the Elephant: SQL Server Table Partitioning Michael Fal
BI 4:00 PM PowerPivot for Excel William E Pearson III
DBA 8:30 AM The Periodic Table of Dynamic Management Objects Tim Ford
DBA 9:30 AM 7 Ways to Fix Bad Parameter Sniffing Grant Fritchey
DBA 11:00 AM AlwaysOn – Finally, A usable ‘mirror’! Jim Murphy
DBA 1:30 PM Discovering the Plan Cache Jason Strate
DBA 2:30 PM Performance Issue Archetypes Joe Sack
DBA 4:00 PM Database Design Contentious Issues Karen Lopez
DBA / DEV 8:30 AM To the Cloud and Back Again! Ted Malone
DBA / DEV 8:30 AM PowerShell for the Reluctant DBA / Developer Jason Horner
DBA / DEV 9:30 AM Development Mise en Place Keith Tate
DBA / DEV 9:30 AM SQL Azure: Future-Proofing Your SQL Career Chris Randall
DBA / DEV 11:00 AM Your own Private Cloud for SQL Ben DeBow
DBA / DEV 11:00 AM Edge Case Testing for the Database Professional Vicky Harp
DBA / DEV 1:30 PM Backup Basics – Know your options Meredith Ryan-Smith
DBA / DEV 1:30 PM PBM and you! Tom Norman
DBA / DEV 2:30 PM Choose Your Own Adventure: Performance Tuning Thomas LaRock
DBA / DEV 2:30 PM 10 Things That Every DBA Should Know! John Morehouse
DBA / DEV 4:00 PM PowerShell and VBScript for the DBA Mark Halstead
DBA / DEV 4:00 PM But it worked great in Dev! Perfomance for Devs Randy Knight

Isn’t that a great line up of speakers and content?  Why wouldn’t you want to be there?

Join us for a fun day of socializing, networking and fun.

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