Datachick & SQLClippy in the #SQLPASS Day 12 Keynote – Column Store Indexes – Data Quality Services

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On day 2 of the PASS Summit, I had a supporting role in Lara Rubbelke’s ( @SQLGal ) keynote demonstration of new features of SQL Server 2012. Lara is a Principal Program Manager for Microsoft. She demoed the new Column Store features and Data Quality Services that will be available in SQL Server 2012.

Lara at the Demo

There’s my avatar next to a comment I made about slow reports and data quality:

Datachick avatar as a tooltip

SQLClippy ( @SQLClippy ) also had a role:

SQLClippy as a tooltip

And in case you missed the faux comments from attendees at SQLPASS:


I think you can see that Lara picked the snarkiest of PASS members, don’t you? Love that she said that I’d comment on the database design.

What was the data problem she was showing?  Location data that left some businesses underwater:

Radio Shack Under Water map

You can watch the entire keynote at (registration required).  I recommend downloading instead of live streaming, as that gives you the ability to rewind/fast forward during the video. Data Quality Services starts at about 38 minutes into the video.

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