Speaking: DAMA Day Nebraska (Omaha) 3 November – Data Modeling Contentious Issues

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Contentious Issues Post Its


The final stop on my DAMA speaking tour is DAMA Nebraska for their DAMA Day. 

Data Modeling Contentious Issues
A highly interactive and popular session where attendees evaluate the options and best practices of common and advanced data modeling issues, such as:

  • Party/party role
  • Natural vs. surrogate keys
  • Class Models vs. Data Models
  • SOAs, Ontologies, ESBs, New TLAs and Shoe Strings
  • What is Logical? What is Physical? Why Do We Care?
  • Politics vs. Customer Satisfaction

Participants in this session will be presented with an issue along with a range of responses or possible solutions. Participants will vote on their preferred response, then the group as a whole will discuss the results, along with the merits of each possible response. If the specific issue has been discussed in other presentations, a summary of the responses of the other groups will be presented. The goal of this workshop is to help practitioners identify potential points of conflict in data modeling, as well as alternative approaches to resolving the issues.

This DAMA Day is sponsored by Embarcadero and they will be making a presentation as well.  Registration is requested.

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