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Jun 27, 2011   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Need Your Help  //  No Comments


If you have donated to our SQLRun fund raising for the Portland, OR-based Ray of Hope Charity, we will put our thanks to you on our blog.  First, we’re going to recognize you by first name or company name right on the front page of our blog:



We will also give you a Tweet shout out of thanks to our 4,000 followers.


All those who donate will also be listed on our Thank You Blog Roll at the top of our blog page:



If you donate $100 or more, you can have your own image and text banner displayed in the same area as the thank you banner on the home page — and this can link to your blog, website, or social media page.  Donate $500 or more to our Ray of Hope campaign and you’ll get your very own sponsored blog post and all of the above.  We will include any company matching donations in your total.

Of course, we reserve the right to post only content that is professional and in the right spirit of our fundraising mission.

If you have already sponsored us you can send me (@datachick or the links or content you’d like to have listed. 

Finally, if you donated anonymously, we will not be listing your information anywhere unless you ask us to.

Thanks to all who have already donated and to those of you who will.  We think Ray of Hope is wonderful charity.

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