I’m a Rockstar Blogger…Bloggess…Blogmistress…Bloggette?

Dec 6, 2010   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Social Networking  //  2 Comments


I was excited to see that I’ve been recognized as a Rockstar Blogger by Thomas LaRock (blog | @SQLRockstar) at the tempdb level (entry level).  Tempdb is a SQL Server system database and all of Tom’s rockstar bloggers are awarded a level based on these system databases.

As a TempDB level blogger, I fit this profile:

The tempdb group has the bloggers that I want to recognize for doing good work. However, they are also the group of bloggers that could most easily fall off and never been seen again, just like a temp table. There is no line separating names in this group, because they are all equally eligible for promotion or relegation back into my general RSS feeds.

Read more: http://thomaslarock.com/rankings-faq/

It is a great honour to be listed with all the bloggers on Tom’s list.  You should check out Tom’s blog, plus the others he has listed.  I recommend all of them as well.

Happy Reading.


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