Contest: Tell Me Why You Need a New Tassimo Brewing System

Nov 29, 2010   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Social Networking  //  9 Comments

Good news:  Tassimo Canada sent me a new home brewing system to try.

Great news: Tassimo Canada has given me TWO more Tassimo Brewing Systems to give away to blog readers. 

Tassimo Brew Bot – *not* Exactly as shown

This contest is open only to Canadian residents.  Sorry everyone else.  I hope you have been good this year; maybe you can ask Santa for one.  We do have future contests planned, so stand by.  But over there.  Yeah, a little bit further over.  Thanks.

To make this easy, the management team at InfoAdvisors will be choosing the two best answers to this question:

How would having instant access to an infinite number of fresh cups of coffee make you more productive at work?

The rules:

  1. Must be a Canadian resident to comment and win.
  2. Comments are moderated an subject to our posting guidelines.
  3. One comment per person.
  4. You must give your answer in the comments to this blog post.  Comments posted elsewhere will be read and enjoyed but not considered.
  5. A winner will be chosen from answers posted prior to 6PM EST 30 Nov.  That’s tomorrow!
  6. You have to supply a valid e-mail address in your comment so that we can contact you with instructions on how to claim your prize.
  7. A skills testing question will need to be answered.
  8. Two systems will be awarded, one each to two people.
  9. All selections are final.  No cash equivalents.  No substitutions. Your mileage may vary.  Subject to arcane laws in your local jurisdiction.  Do not immerse this rule in water.


  • Having an infinite number of cups of fresh coffee would help me get past my 2pm slump. At the very least it will save a 10 minute trip to *nearby coffee shop*, and at most, it will prevent me from drifting off mid-afternoon and ending up commenting on blogs trying to win coffee machines by explaining that [insert infinite recursion here].

  • Why I need a new Tassimo?

    I literally wore out my old Tassimo. It’s dead and buried. When it finally died I was left with a six-month supply of T-Discs which I cannot use. I have been forced to drink instant (*GASP*) coffee which has been as emotionally damaging as difficult on my taste-buds. As a programming student and a new developer I have been unable to work effectively with severely reduced caffeine levels and thus cannot afford a new Tassimo.

    I am in desperate need……

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  • Productivity is a factor of so many things .. the time, inclination, motivation and preparedness to do the work all have to align at the same time! Instant access provides help with the time, infinite coffee helps with the inclination, fresh (as opposed to old) coffee helps with the motivation and mental preparedness. And the wide variety of Tassimo products available would sure help with the creativity side too! Only piece missing is that my computer could use an upgrade too .. but that would be a different contest!

  • Tim Hortons is 6 minutes away, each way, through snow.
    Timothy’s is further than that.
    At Starbucks, I raise my eyebrows while saying “How Much?”
    Second Cup, paradoxically and misleadingly, doesn’t actually give free refills.

    and after two weeks of drinking office coffee, I grew a third eye.

    I know that the actual BrewBot isn’t like the Decepticon in the advert. But wouldn’t it be awesome if it was?

  • I’m not a Canadian citizen but I, for one, welcome our new robotic brewing overlords.

  • The instant access to different kinds of coffee beverages in my cubicle would act like a people-magnet and this would effectively give me access to their brains so I can solve problems, learn more about company operations, increase social interactions and thereby create a network effect of knowledge exchange. At the least, we might all become more friendly!

  • My current coffee maker makes sludge, not coffee. I like options and this would definitely give me those. I’m always forgetting the coffee pot is on and therefore end up with cold coffee by the second cup. Making each cup fresh and having it what I want and when I want would be fabulous!

  • Congratulations Dan and K. Stricker. Check you e-mail for instructions on collecting your prizes. You must respond by noon 1 Dec or we will move on to the runner ups.

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