Gift Me Baby One More Time: A Nifty Idea

Nov 17, 2010   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Fun, Reviews  //  1 Comment

A few weeks ago I was tweeting about my regular use of GoToMeeting.  Nearly all my projects for the last few years have been with geographically dispersed teams and being able to collaborate on documents, models and other artefacts in real time has been a vast improvement over conference calls where someone says “at the bottom of page 42”…”oh, you’ve printed on A4? I don’t know what page it would be then”…etc.

So the folks at GoToMeeting noticed that I tend to talk about tweet about their product, so they sent me a gift via (twitgift on Twitter).  What was unique about this gift was that they just sent it to my Twitter ID, @datachick, instead of ordering something to be sent to my address.  Their order sent a tweet to me that they had sent me a gift and twitgift contacted me also via Twitter to ask for my contact information so that they could send the gift to me. 

Tweet Gift Notice

Tweet Accepted gift

 Tweet Shipping Notice

In fact, the mailing label had just @datachick on it.

Tweet Shipping Label @datachickThe first obstacle for me for claiming my gift was that right now twitgift only ships to US addresses. I could have directed the gift to another address (regifting FTW!), but I really wanted to see how this all worked out.  So I provided the address of our friends Yanni and John and the delivered it to me when we were in Seattle for SQLPASS. Did I tell you what great friends they are?

In the tradition of unboxing blog posts, I bring you the twitgift…

Outside box

Packed in cotton balls, playing up the clouds/birds theme.  There was also confetti and stickers.  A gift within a gift…

Inside Box The inner box contained chocolate chip cookies, wrapped two by two.

Gift goodies cookies, confetti, stickersCookies and stickers, again, FTW.

As of the time of this writing, offers only the cookies as a gift, but they are hoping to expand to other merchant items. Their FAQ also says that they hope to expand to other countries soon.

I did not and do not receive any compensation for this post…other than the gift from GoToMeeting.  I chose to write about this post as a thank you for the thank you gift* to help a new Twitter-related service that I believe has a great idea.  I guess technically I did get something, but not for writing this post.  Got it?

If I ever do write a sponsored tweet or blog post, I will definitely let you know, right up front.

Do you have Twitter friends you’d like to send an affordable gift to?  Now you know how to do that without the creepy “where do you live” question to someone you only know through Twitter.

* I’m told that giving a thank you for a thank you means you (a metathankyou) end up in an infinite loop, so I won’t do that. But thanks….

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