Agloves: Great Gift for the Twitter Addicted

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Last year while waiting for the Olympic Torch to pass by I was wearing my patriotic Vancouver 2010 giant red mittens.  There was a sea of these red mittens lining the street and it was wonderful…until I had to take my mittens off to to use my phone to capture pictures or to tweet. The windchill that day was about –20 and I was seriously in danger of getting frost bite.

While shopping one day I found a pair of gloves that I thought were the solution.  I called these my “Twitter gloves” even though I think they were called ‘texting gloves”. They were regular gloves that you could fold back the index finger and thumb from, but this still meant that my fingers were exposed to the elements. 

My friend Bryan snapped a pic of these gloves in action in Chicago when I was working there.  Those tips actually fold back and button down, but that was a pain, so I just left them flying out.  These gloves were cheap: I think I found them at Target.

Foldback fingers Twitter Gloves.

Now I was only in danger of frostbite for 4 out of 10 digits.


image I recently ordered 3 pairs of Agloves from  These sliver-thread-infused gloves let you use touch screen devices without having to remove your gloves, use fingerless gloves, or use the foldback gloves like the ones above.  Get the name?  Agloves – with Ag being the symbol for silver.

I’ve just now tried them on two devices, my iPhone and iPad.  They actually work, although I have to press a bit harder than I’m used to.  It’s only slightly more, so I don’t believe it’s going to be a problem.  Hitting the right keys in portrait mode on my iPhone took a little bit more concentration, but again, it won’t be a problem.

Agloves in use

Using Agloves iPhone

These gloves work with capacitive touch screens due to the silver threads, which you can see clearly in the iPhone photo above.  They are soft.  The attached tag says they are Made in the US and of the following materials:

60% Polyester

29% Nylon

7% Silver nylon

3% Spandex

1% Acrylic

One of the things I did not like about my previous gloves is that they were 100% Acrylic, which I don’t like the feel of. 

There are currently two sizes available. I have small hands, so I ordered the S/M version and I got a M/L size for Rob. Both seem to fit, but I get better accuracy out of the S/M, with goes along with their recommendation that these have a snug fit.

Agloves are washable; in fact, they claim that washing them make them work better.  They feel warm to wear, unlike my previous set of acrylic gloves.  I hope to post a future review when I’ve done more field testing.  I’m thinking my trip to NYC coming up might be the perfect field test.

My other targeted use is for running.  I use running apps like MapMyRun, Nike+, etc. and when I have running gloves on it’s difficult to use the book controls, runner controls, or even to get a time/distance update from these apps.  And since theses gloves are made with runner-friendly materials (Anything But Cotton), they will work well.

Agloves offers a very generous return period of 90 days in case they don’t work for you.  The current price of these gloves is a very affordable $17.99 USD.  I’m betting these will be in high demand for the upcoming gift season; I recommend you order now.

Oh, and I also wanted to thank the folks at Aglove for having very, very reasonable shipping rates to Canada.  We are nice people, but we hate being ripped off for postage and handling.


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  • Thanks for the tip! I remember last winter some company was selling “texting gloves” with special tips that worked on touch screens, but they sold out in November. I’ve been looking for something similar for this winter – it gets COLD in Chicago so I’d prefer not to have to choose between tweeting and frostbite.

    And it sounds like they would be good for running, too. I just bought a pair of Mizuno Breath Thermo gloves for running that supposedly generate heat. I wore them for the first time today and there was definitely some heating happening. I don’t think they would work on a touch screen, though.

    • I would definitely love to hear about your experiences with other products. I like the fact that these are conductive for the whole glove and not just the finger tips. I sometimes use my knuckles to tap screens, especially when I’m trying to keep warm.

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