Speaking: SQLSaturday59 in New York City on 20 Nov

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On Saturday, 20 November 2010 I’ll be speaking at SQLSaturday 59 in New York City on Database Design Contentious Issues. SQLSaturdays are free to attend, so if you are in the NYC area you can attend all the great sessions, including mine, for no extra charge.  So breakfast, lunch, prizes and great professional development all provided by sponsors and volunteers.

Robert Pearl interviewed me as a #SQLSaturday59 event speaker.

RP: Give us a preview of the topic and session you have planned for us at SQLSaturday#59

KL: Database Design Contentious Issues is a presentation I’ve been doing for almost 15 years. The content changes, but the format is the same. I give a 60 second overview of a contentious issue and then everyone votes at the front of the room about what is the “right” answer. Then we debate varying points of view for that issue. So it’s like all those Internet flame wars, but in person, where you get to see the troll you are debating with instead of his avatar. I’ve even had people bring protest signs this. It is a blast.

RP: What is your motto?

KL: Love Your Data ♥…

RP: Who can disagree? Thanks, Karen for your time and answers! We truly look forward to meeting you and seeing you there!

Read the full interview for insight into how these events tend towards the “fun” side.

ProTip: many SQLSaturday attendees negotiate a day off during the week in exchange for attending training on the weekend.  Your boss owes you for finding FREE training, right? Imagine yourself lounging around on a weekday just because you attended a fun, prize-filled, crazy event on Saturday.  Imagine the holiday shopping you could get done instead of cramming it into the weekend.  Just sayin’.

Did you attend my presentation at SQLSaturday #59?

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